This system has been installed in Germany for 4,000 boxes.It corresponds to the request of 24 hours service in banking.This is the best selection-if you desired to offer the customer the most convenient service as cash dispenser.



Movable easily, Low investment risks


24 hours operation constantly, offer a complete service


Only 3m2 required to install this small system


Reduce the daily work of bank clerk.



The customer enters the discretion area.


The customer identifies himself by means of magnetic card and code.


The requested box of custome is transported to the desk of lobby. 


The customer opens his box using his key which is given by bank.


Following the locking of the box it is automatically deposited in the shelf.

System Data


Required Space : 1800 x 1960 x 1820mm
(W x H x D) and discretion area


Total Weight : about 4.5 T


Box Dimensions:300 x 60 x 355mm 
(W x H x D)


Transport Time: About 30 seconds


Power Supply:220V/16A